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Have you ever wanted to experience what it's like to live like a farmer? Are you friendly, hard-working & keen to learn? If so, Kupa'a Farms offers valuable and engaging work trade opportunities; space is limited however. For more information contact Gerry at lavaboy458@gmail.com.


Canadian born with coffee in her blood, Janet's story began in Calgary, Alberta in 1990. Together with her twin sister Judy, they opened Cochrane Coffee Traders - a coffee roasting company 15 miles outside Calgary in the town of Cochrane. Within a year, the thriving coffee company transformed into a bustling cafe for locals and cowboys looking for lattes and espresso.

While Janet was busy with the cafe, Gerry, an American-born geologist living in Cochrane, was hard at work with the Geological Survey of Canada. On weekends, he would cycle regularly and finish his rides with a "Banana Buzz" (banana, frozen yogurt, and double shot of espresso) from Janet's cafe.  It wasn't long before the two fell in love.

In the summer of 1997, Janet's parents, who already lived and owned the asparagus & corn farm on Maui, came to visit Gerry & Janet in Cochrane.  During this visit they noticed a 'for sale' ad for a coffee farm in Kona on Janet & Gerry's fridge. After further inquiry, they learned it was a dream of Janet & Gerry's to escape the -40 degree winters and start a coffee farm.  Later that evening, their dream was born when Janet's parents offered the venturesome couple to move to Maui and make Kupa'a Farms their own.

In 1998, on one of their annual trips to the Island, Janet & Gerry planted their first coffee trees.  In 2002 Janet & Judy sold their booming coffee company and by summer of 2003, Janet & Gerry left their busy city lives - bound for Kupa'a Farms.

Since 2003 owners Gerry Ross & Janet Simpson have been malama ka aina. With Gerry's PhD in Earth Science & thirst for knowledge, he has been amending the once devoid dirt into healthy, microbial diverse soil thanks to his home-made compost & compost tea. Janet, with her knowledge of coffee, has helped make Kupa'a Farms a State-wide award winning coffee producer.

Our 4 acre farm, located at 1900' elevation on the slopes of Haleakala, Maui, grows a wide range of organic vegetables, fruits and award winning coffee.  

In Hawaiian, Kupa’a means “to make firm, or solid”. The name was chosen to reflect the solid, life-giving practices that we use to grow our food.

the kupa'a philosophy 

We at Kupa’a farms are committed and passionate about growing, providing and enjoying delicious organic produce that’s abundant in nutrition and flavor. 

Soil is the heart of all agricultural operations.  We do our best to keep our soil alive and healthy and work hard to limit the amount of erosion. We accomplish this through the use of compost, compost tea, cover crops, perennial vegetative barriers and by avoiding bare soil fallow.