Cover Crops - maximizing weed control, improving soil quality

Irrigation Systems - minimizing water use

Apprentice Education Programs - making a system that works

Harvest and post harvest


consulting, farm design & EDUCATION


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The building process of our newest hoop house.

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Detailed crop planning & tracking systems - record keeping 

Cultivation - both hand and tractor systems

Crop Rotations - setting up rotations for improved production, and crop health

Greenhouse management

Planting and seeding

Kupa’a Farms actively works to educate the general public about agriculture and organic agriculture in particular. In collaboration with Maui County Farm Bureau, we helped developed an Agriculture in the Classroom program that reaches into the classrooms of many of our islands grade schools.

We have hosted field trips from intermediate and high school classes and worked with high school teachers (through the Maui Economic Development Board) to teach them about agriculture and the opportunities it presents to young people.

We also offer courses on organic gardening and cover crops through the Maui Community College.

To make a booking with Gerry Ross for your school or institution please e-mail lavaboy458@gmail.com