Soil. It is a thin veneer of weathered bedrock that provides a critical interface between fresh bedrock and our atmosphere. It is also a host for much of the biology, including humans, that populate the surface of our planet. Agriculture is a disturbance of soil structure; it has been estimated by scientists that the rates of soil erosion associated with modern agriculture are 10 to 100 times the rate of soil formation meaning that we are slowly mining soil to feed ourselves. It is imperative that agriculture develop and use techniques to conserve and build soil, protecting and nurturing this amazing resource. At Kupa’a Farms we  treat our soil as the most important resource of our farm. We use techniques that help to build and regenerate our soil rather than techniques that promote erosion. We nurture the life in the soil through the use of compost and cover crops. We rarely have more than 5% of our soil bare, and we have built vegetative hedges and ground-covers into our farm-scape to make a farm that is very resilient to erosion. According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, who helped fund some of our practices, we reduced the erosion rate of our soils by over 95%.

We often hold composting workshops at Kupa'a Farms. Please visit our News page for more dates & information.

Soil Regeneration & Composting